Invest In Others

In life, we have so many different experiences and we believe that you can't do life well when you are all by yourself. We need people in our lives who are there to celebrate the high points with us and encourage us in the lows. That is why investing in others is such an important next step.
When it comes to investing in others, we really think there are two really important practices...Community Groups and Serving.
 As you look to invest in others you can either take it one step at a time and choose to join a community group or start serving somewhere or you can go all in and do both. Whichever you choose, make sure to take this very important next step.

Community Groups

In our Community Groups is where we practice the "one anothers"  that we find in the Scriptures.
Throughout the Scriptures there are all of these verses that speak to how we should invest in one another. These verses speak to how we should: love, encourage, support, help, serve, forgive, admonish, pray, and so many more. It is in our Community Groups that we believe is the best way to practice and live these verses out.

Serve with Family Life

Family Life has several opportunities for you to invest in others through serving.
We ask everyone who calls Family Life home to serve in one area of ministry, one weekend a month.
Serving in the local church is a great way for you to use your gifts, talents and passions to help the community where it hurts.
When we take time to serve in the local church, it creates an opportunity for others to experience Jesus in a real, tangible way.
Take your next step with Family Life and find a place to serve